Onyx - Jennifer L. Armentrout This was another great installment to the Lux series. Daemon has grown on me. He started out as douche, with very good reason I may add, and has turned into a hunky hero. Yes, he can be overbearing but Kat is just the type to put him in his place and that’s why their relationship works so well. I really love the dynamics and chemistry between these two.

I don’t want to write a spoiler ridden review, so I’ll go with this- Onyx is intense and suspenseful. I think I liked it even more than the first book. Yes, there are more clichés and tropes but I love the world and characters Jennifer has created. I’m just full in at this point and I like where the series is going. My only concern is that she will draw things out. I see there are four books schedule right now with the fourth book being Daemon’s POV. I am hoping that things get resolved in the third book. I’m not quite sure about the fourth book. At the end of Obsidian we get a few bonus chapters with Daemon’s POV. Yes, it was fun to see what was inside his head but I don’t think I would want to re-read the entire story from his POV.

Anyway, my inner teenage fan girl is anxiously awaiting the third book!