Bedtime Stories: A Collection of Erotic Fairy Tales - Jean Johnson
This collection of stories consists of 8 fairytale spinoffs. The collection is best read in order because each one refers to the other. Overall, I think this was a fun collection. Even though I read erotica, I’m typically not into fairy tale spinoffs but my GR friend recommended this book so I went for it. For the most part these tales are witty and fun. Some of the tales take place in a fantasy world, others are sci-fi and others are set in worlds the author has previous books for. I haven’t read anything else by Jean Johnson, so I’m not familiar with the worlds she created, but author notes were included before each tale. The author notes were great in explaining their origin and why the author chose to do a spin off on each fairy tale.

The Frog Prince: This one was a fun intro. I thought it was hilarious and witty.

The Courtship of Wali Daad: I’m not sure what fairytale this one is based on, but this story was my favorite out of the entire collection. I loved the characters and it again there was a lot of wit. Even if you don’t read the entire collection I highly recommend this one.

The Princess on the Glass Hill: Here is where things start to turn sci-fi. I admit I’m not a big fan of sci-fi, so I’m biased. The story was just okay for me. Aside from the sci-fi factor the hero in this one is a womanizer and I didn’t care for the insta-love that happens in the end.

Snow White & the Seven Dwarves : Um, wow. This one takes place in an underwater world the author had previously wrote about. I thought the world was interesting and I think I want to read whatever book this world is based on and maybe try to go live there. ;-)

Sleeping Beauty: This one takes place in a sci-fi world. I wasn’t too crazy about this one. The hero is much older than the heroine even though he doesn’t look that old, but still. Again, there was an insta-love thing happening and I don’t know…it just didn’t really work for me.

Beauty & the Beast: Gah! This one wanted me to take out the scissors, razor and wax. The beast in this one is a genetically modified hairy beast that exhibits human qualities. He, of course, falls for a human and has to deal with the repercussions of his decision. I did like how the author outlined the consequences and had the characters deal with the society they live in. The problem for me was the naughty bits. All that fur! *shudder*

Puss-in-Boots: This has a bit of info dumping in the beginning, but once I got passed that it was enjoyable enough.

The King Heard a Joke: This was another one I’m not sure what fairytale it was based on. It started off okay, but then it became pretty annoying. Part of it was because the wife was so bloody stubborn and bratty. Then came the sex part. Now, I have nothing against BDSM but the way this was handled was absolutely ridiculous. I understand it’s a fairytale, but it just didn’t make sense particularly with the wife’s personality.