Obsidian - Jennifer L. Armentrout Mmmm, who knew aliens could be so sexy?!

I know, I know. You are probably like WTFudginess? That was my reaction too, but trust me this one was pretty damn good. Armentrout actually pulls it off. Going in I was prepared for some shedding skin and the reveal of some serious nastiness when Daemon reveals he’s an alien, but it’s nothing like that. These aliens are more like Cocoon type aliens. They’re all glowy light and brightness with some kickass power wrapped in a yummy goodness human façade.

In a way this story falls into the typical YA romances that keep popping up these days, hence why I ended up going with 4 stars instead of 5. It’s full of tropes and clichés. For example, Kat is very much a Mary Sue practically raising herself after her father dies. Her mom is a scattered brain nurse (scary!) who leaves her to her own devices and dispenses mom advice every now and then. Daemon is an arrogant douche bag, who softens around the edges by the end, but you really don’t know what he feels for Kat. I will say this though; I’m not sure how you can have parents present whilst the teen is getting him or herself into danger unless the parent is getting into danger right along with them. However, I do hate that the non-present parent always has to be total clueless and non-parental, like they don’t give a shit about their own kid except for when it’s convenient for them. I know some parents are like this, but not all and I would like for once to see a YA romance story where the parent actually acts like a parent.

Moving onto what I did like….despite Kat’s Mary Sue-ish behavior I did like her personality. I liked that Kat was a book reviewer and was just as passionate about books as some of the people who read this story. It was a nice nod to book bloggers and reviewers. I also liked that Kat was nerdy with a strong personality. She wasn’t a push over and did not settle for mediocre. When Daemon acted like an ass she stuck up her middle finger at him and told him off a few times. I loved that! Their relationship was complicated and for once it wasn’t googly-eye insta-love, which I thought was unique for YA romance these days.

I also liked the story itself. It was cliché in that the bad guys are dark, shadowy figures who wear black leather but I like the whole government involvement and alien invasion. It was nice that this book wasn’t all about the romance, but actually focused on the story with the romance portion of it coming in second and at times not at all. It was also pretty freaking funny. There were one-liners that had me cracking up. This story really appealed to my inner teenage nerd girl. The only reason it's getting 4 stars is because of the cliches and tropes.

I liked this book so much that I read the prequel and the second book in the series right after finishing book one. All I can say is that I’m eagerly awaiting book three. :)

One last thing, do yourself a favor and read the prequel after reading Obsidian. Daemon's behavior and the events in Obsidian will make better sense. Plus, the events of the prequel heavily influence Onyx.