Girl of Nightmares - Kendare Blake Hmmm, so Girl of Nightmares turned into Girl of Yawns for me in this sequel. I don’t know what the heck happen to be quite honest. I was soooo excited for this second book and then I started reading it and just felt like I was plodding along for most of it. When the action finally started I didn’t really care too much what happened and the end left me feeling like “that’s it?! O_o”.

Part of the problem is that Anna is missing for most of this book. Not only was she the titled main character of the first book, but her badassness is what made the book so exciting. That was completely missing in the sequel. Of course, I didn’t expect it to be much of the same as the first and if it was I would’ve been disappointed. However, I did expect three things: creepiness, vivid imagery and some badassness. The creep factor was practically zero. The Obeahman, who in the last book, raised my arm hairs just by his appearance barely made me shiver this time. Anna was just a shadow of her former self. Thankfully the vivid imagery was present. Blake's description of scenes is pure awesomeness. I loved the concept behind the “suicide forest,” although why anyone would go out to the middle of nowhere in a business suit to commit suicide is beyond me. However, the badassness part was majorly missing. There was some with the new character, Justine, but it just wasn’t enough to really satisfy me.

The other part of the problem is that Cas features highly in the sequel and well, I didn’t feel like he was able to hold the story up by himself. If you read my review for Anna Dressed in Blood you would know that I didn’t really care for Cas. He was arrogant and needed a good bitchslap. Now it’s the sequel and I want to double time that bitchslap.


As if his arrogance wasn't enough, Cas turned into an angst-ridden, lovelorn asshole. Not only that, but there was just too much hemming and hawing on whether or not he was crazy for the visions he experienced. The whole first half of the book turned into the male version of New Moon with Bella Cas putting himself in dangerous situations so he could experience these visions.

Been there, done that and I really didn’t want to do it again.

What barely held the story up were the secondary characters. I love the dynamics of the trio and how Blake showed how the resolution of the first book affected their relationship. I didn’t care for Carmel’s behavior in this book though. She acted like a bitch and then came back into the scene like nothing happened. Not cool. I did like Cas’ mom, Thomas’ grandfather and the visit with Aunt Riija. One major issue I’ve had with YA is absent parents, which I mentioned in my Obsidian review . I thought Blake handled the topic well so far in the series. The parents are just the right amount of present and they’re not oblivious to the situation. Thumbs up for that!

There are also some new characters, like Justine and The Order of Biodag Dubh, who help to spruce the story up. The ever elusive Gideon finally makes an appearance, but he quickly turned into a major disappointment. He was so built up in the first and last book that I expected more from him than what I got- an old man with a dusty library. (-_-)

Overall, this was just okay. I’m glad there is some sense of closure. From what I’ve read in other reviews Girl of Nightmares is last in this series and if that’s true then I think Blake should’ve left well enough alone. Anna Dressed in Blood ended well enough that I could have used my imagination for the rest of the ending. We do get more history regarding the athame, but the future of the athame seems to be left up in the air…maybe a spinoff with Justine is next? Who knows. Although, I must say that I did like Justine and would love to read more about her story. So yeah, I had high expectations and none of them were really met with this second installment. Although, my rating says two stars I’m going to go with a 2.5 star rating on this one.