Legion - Brandon Sanderson Prior to this year I wasn't really a fan of short stories for two reasons: (1) by the time I immersed myself in the story it was over already and (2) I always want more. But this year, I’ve managed to get into some really nice short stories and this is one of the best ones I’ve read. I don’t say that just because Sanderson is one of my favorite fantasy authors and I want to hump him mercilessly. I say it because Sanderson is one talented mofo.

Legion is different than the other stories I’ve read by Sanderson. It takes place in real life rather than a fantasy world. The fantasy element actually comes from Legion’s mind as he creates hallucinations or “aspects” that help him problem solve various mysteries. The concept is really fascinating and fun to explore. The mystery part of the book was also really interesting. I won’t go into it because the story is so short it would spoil it, but Sanderson raises some really cool ethical questions. It’s neat how Sanderson always manages to put some part of his religious beliefs into his work without it being overbearing.

Overall, the story was really enjoyable and fun. The dialogue and interaction between the aspects and Leeds was fascinating to me. Of course, now I am left wanting more. I want to know more about the aspects. I want to know more about Sandra and I want to know if Leeds will ever find her. So there you go. I hope that Sanderson continues Legion’s story at some point.