Hammered - Kevin Hearne This one was an interesting installment in the series. In Hexed, Atticus gets quite a bit of help fighting off evil German witches and in return he trades off and makes promises that now must be fulfilled. The time has come in Hammered and now things are starting to get serious.

This one starts a little different than the other ones because we start off with one heck of an action scene and then progress on from there. Again, we have the mixing of different mythologies with this time Norse mythology getting a clear shout out. The journey is concentrated on getting into Asgard to settle several vendettas against Thor. Apparently, he’s not the hero humans believe him to be and is instead a conniving evil bastard with many dangerous enemies. In addition to this dangerous journey things are becoming unsettled in Tempe. New vampires are sniffing about, the Hammers of God are back and the witches still need to watch their backs.

As usual we have some of our regular side characters like Granuaile, the widow and Oberon. We also meet new characters like Jesus and Perun. Lief and Gunnar take center stage in this book, which is alright by me because the interaction between those two and Atticus is pretty hilarious.

Overall the tone of this book is serious due to the mission that needs to be completed. However, there were some hilarious moments and Hearne manages to insert them at much needed times. I mad at Hearne for that one hell of cliff hanger though. *waves fist*