Tricked - Kevin Hearne Overall, I thought this installment was a good transitional book in the series. Book 5 is already out and it looks like it takes place 12 years after this one. Even if I didn’t know that you can tell Hearne is moving the series along with the events that occur in Tricked. I really like that he is doing this because I can’t wait to see Granuaile finish her training so she can kick some ass.

In Tricked Hearne focuses on Navajo beliefs which to me was interesting. Predictably, Coyote plays a more predominant role. I always thought he was an interesting character in the previous books. You just never really know with him. I expected Atticus to be smarter in his dealings with Coyote, but of course Coyote gets the better of him. It was an interesting premise, but I admit it got a little redundant in some sections.

The conclusion with Hel left a lot to be desired. I thought there was going to be more to it and maybe there is in this next book. However, Tricked it felt like the matter was resolved too quickly and easily.

The betrayal was so heavily foreshadowed I was surprised neither Atticus nor Oberon predicted it. I guess when it comes to friends you try to believe in the best, but Atticus has been around the block a few times and I just expected better of him.