Quidditch Through the Ages - J.K. Rowling Quidditch is one of the few “sports” that I really wish I could experience. The whole flying about on broomsticks is fun on its own, but add a few magical balls and well, apart from a bad sexual joke you also have an exciting sounding sport. There’s not much to really say about this book, but it’s quite charming and fun with its illustrations and side stories. There’s a library card that shows the students who checked it out, background stories on how the game evolved, a listing of the teams and their brief histories and about quidditch around the world. This book is first mentioned in Harry Potter and The Sorcerer’s Stone as the book for quidditch players. One of the fun things I find about HP is the book titles the students read, so to read a book the characters in the book read too was exciting. It’s not critical to understanding anything in the series, but still worth a read.