The Betrayal of the Blood Lily - Lauren Willig While I’m rating this one 2 stars, it’s more like a “meh” than an ‘it’s okay’. To clarify, that amounts to about a 1.5 star. Anyway, I just think Willig should have stopped the series at The Seduction of the Crimson Rose (#4). I felt like The Temptation of the Night Jasmine (#5) was rather pointless. It only served to bring the Hell Fire Club into existence so that Willig could continue the mystery plotline in the rest of the series. However, this story line has fallen by the wayside. I feel like Willig is just stretching at this point.

Also, the modern story with Eloise and Collin continues to irk me. As I predicted in my Temptation of the Night Jasmine review the progress on the relationship is inching forward. Eloise has become more meddlesome by playing matchmaker for Serena and delving further into Colin’s family and his career. Her constant reminders that Colin is her boyfriend made me want to bitchslap her. Her commentary and constant musings made me want to double that bitchslap. So yeah, she’s not my favorite character as this point, which is a shame considering Eloise is a constant protagonist.

As for the historical couple, I thought the story line would be good since Penelope was a fun bitchy character in the previous books. It was nice getting to know her, but then she turned super bitch in the end for no reason or at least no justifiable reason in my opinion. I don’t want to go into details to prevent spoilers, but the storyline was horribly predictable and the love match was just okay.

Bottom line is if I didn’t have the next 2 books in the series listed for a challenge I probably would drop this series. I’m hoping that the series picks up, but I don’t really have any expectations at this point.