Trapped - Kevin Hearne Okay, so it’s now 12 years later and Granuaile is now ready to become a full time druid. But of course, it’s not going to be an easy process or else we wouldn’t have book 5. In the last book Atticus had to declare himself dead to gain some peace, but now it’s time to come out of hiding and things have gotten interesting…and confusing. There are so many gods out to kill Atticus that I’ve given up trying to keep up. The web is so tangled at this point that I don’t recall how we even got this far. I just sort of went for the ride in this one. It was an enjoyable ride, but there were two things that annoyed me.

Annoyance #1- There is a reference to something that takes place 6 years ago, but we’re never told what it is. It’s referenced quite a few times, but we’re never told what the heck happened. As it turns out there is a novella called [b:Two Ravens and One Crow|15728721|Two Ravens and One Crow (The Iron Druid Chronicles, #4.5)|Kevin Hearne||21407171] that addresses the event that happened 6 years ago. I really wish I had known about the novella, because I would’ve read it in order and it would’ve prevented my annoyance at having the event referenced but never explained.

Annoyance #2- The “love” relationship was mediocre at best. Look, I’m not looking for nookie details but a little explanation on the feelings would be nice. Lust does not equal love and that’s something I don’t think Hearne quite gets. We get all this explanation on how hot Granuaile is and we’ve seen how she’s turned into a real badass, but the relationship between Atticus and Granuaile is never fully explained. Prior to this book Atticus only lusted after her, but now he’s supposedly in love with her. How did they get to that point? Show me…just don’t tell me and expect me to accept it.

Besides these two things, I did enjoy the book. I really enjoyed learning about the druid tattoos and about how the bindings work. I have to say though I’m ready for the series to start on a conclusion. I think there are too many entanglements and some resolution needs to start happening.