Notorious Nineteen (Stephanie Plum, #19) - Janet Evanovich This series became stagnant pretty quickly after the first few books. After around book 4 or so, each book starts to blend in. You can pretty much pick the series up at any number and not miss a beat because there's no progress in character development, plot line or anything else for that matter. There's only one small blip in one of the books (can't even remember which one at the moment) where the characters deviate from their pigeon holed roles. The only thing that changes is the mystery and even the mystery part of it tends blend in as well. So why keep reading? Well, because it's pure fluff. Sometimes, you just need a good slapstick comedy to cleanse your reading palate and that's what Evanovich provides for her readers. So while, I keep complaining about how stagnant this series is and how Stephanie needs to pick a man already I'll probably keep reading it as long as Evanovich provides the fluff and humor.