Ten Big Ones - Janet Evanovich Somehow I skipped this book when I was catching up on the series. I’ve already read up to Notorious Nineteen and like I had observed in that review, you can pretty much pick up this series anywhere without skipping a beat. Morelli and Plum are off and on again every other page, another car blows up, Ranger is still a man of mystery, lots of slapstick comedy…same old bullshit, etc. The only difference is that Val contemplates marriage and we learn Ranger’s choice of shower gel. Bvlgari…yummy!

What made this one comedic for me is that it starred one of my favorite side characters- Sally Sweet. I love Sally. Something about an extra hairy man in drag tickles my funny bone. I also liked some of the skips featured, like Carol who held up a Frito Lay truck in sheer PMS salt craving desperation and the woman who only gets into trouble for dental coverage. As crazy as these skips sound, you know in real life there are those that do even crazier crimes and they are what make the job fun. Kudos to Evanovich for not forgetting the crazies.