Winning the Wallflower (Fairy Tales, #2.5) - Eloisa James 2.5 stars

I’m not sure why people have labeled this book as historical romance. Yes, there is romance. Yes, it seems to take place in the Regency period, but other than the setting there is nothing historical about this novel. Not to mention it’s part of the Fairy Tale Series, which tells you right there this is not historical. That’s neither here or there, but I just wanted to put it out there for anyone who expects a historical novel.

This novella was charming and funny…a typical Eloisa James story I’ve come to expect. Yes, the characters sprout modern day ideas and phrases but if you take it for what it is this story is enjoyable. Lady Lucy Towerton, appropriately named due her height, was a smart heroine. I couldn’t help root for her as she took on her stubborn fiancée and fought for the type of relationship she wanted. I also thought this was a good introduction to Olivia Lytton and her mum. It’s not necessary to read this one before A Duke is Mine, but it helps give a taste of Olivia’s character. Overall, this was an enjoyable quick read.