To Tame A Highland Warrior - Karen Marie Moning While I enjoyed the first book in this series I was a bit ambivalent about continuing on. I’m not really into Fae stories, which this series incorporates and there wasn’t anything to make the series stand out in my mind. The characters were funny and I enjoyed the interactions, but nothing really special. Turns out I bought books 6 & 7 of the series at a library sale which meant I had to read the others because my OCD won’t let me skim in a series.

Anyway, I thought this was a good second installment and it has certainly peaked my interest in the series. I thought there was going to be a continuation of the time travel element and more of the Fae world, but as it turns out there was none of that in this book. The book concentrates solely on Grimm, Hawk’s bff, and his history. Turns out Grimm really is the stuff of legends and he has a really interesting past. Admittedly, I don’t remember much about Grimm in Beyond the Highland Mist because I read the book back in 2009. However, I do remember Hawk and Arienne, both of who play a small part in this book.

I’ve heard from people who said the first 2 books in the series aren’t great, but I did find this book an improvement to the first. I definitely enjoyed it more. Grimm and Jillian had great chemistry together, even though the back and forth did get on my nerves after awhile. The side characters, particularly Grimm’s father and uncle, were hilarious. I really loved them and would love to read a book about them. The only thing I wasn’t keen on this book was the whole plot line with the suitors. Her parents purposely leave the castle and invite 3 suitors forcing Jillian to choose a husband. This I thought was very farfetched, even for the times. Overall, though this was an enjoyable, quick read.