The Dark Highlander - Karen Marie Moning After reading [b:Kiss of the Highlander|112754|Kiss of the Highlander (Highlander, #4)|Karen Marie Moning||2746769], which I gave 1 star too, I was a bit apprehensive about continuing on with this series. I’ve only read Moning’s Highlander series, which writing wise has been a bit or miss with me. Anyway, I persevered mainly because I own books #6 & #7 and Dageus seemed like an interesting character. I’m glad I did because Moning redeemed herself.

My biggest gripe besides the horrible writing in Kiss of the Highlander is that I didn’t like the main couple. In the Dark Highlander, I really like Dageus. Like, really like him. *drool* Yes, he’s a typical, tortured Alpha male but I like what Moning did with him. I was nervous about the 13 souls torturing him bit and wasn’t sure how Moning was going to handle it. Overall, she did a good job with the story line. My only complaint is I could have done without Dageus using sex as a reprieve. It’s so typical that the hero gets an excuse to be a man-whore while the heroine has to be a virgin. And let me just say Moning sure loves her some virgins! I believe four out of five books I’ve read in the series so far feature heroines. Can the non-virgins get some love too? Just saying.

Anyway. While, yes, Chloe is a virgin and an overall responsible goody two shoes…I still found her likeable. Unfortunately, personality wise she resembles Moning’s other heroines in this series so she doesn’t exactly stand out. It seems like the only thing that Moning changes in her heroines is their type of interest. They’re all around 24 or 25, all virgins, smart, responsible, all from the future and they’re overall good women who are perfect for “tooping” and dealing with sexy Scottish men. The standout stars are really the men and even they can slightly substitute one another.

Despite these minor complaints, I still really liked this book. I’m reading because I need pure brain candy right now and this series provides exactly that…hot scenes, a happily ever after and an entertaining plot.