Lover at Last (Black Dagger Brotherhood, #11) - J.R. Ward The title Lover at Last is really an understatement of the century. Blay's and Qhuinn's relationship has been in the works since about book 2 or 3 in the series when they were first introduced. Team Qhuay fans have been waiting years for this book as Ward tested the mainstream publishing waters with a same-sex couple. All that waiting has lead to some seriously high expectations, which I don't think were quite met in this book.

If you have been following the series you already know that Ward has changed the series writing style ever since the last brother was mated. I forget what book it started with, but side stories with new characters started cropping up as a way of getting away from the original brotherhood. This is understandable, of course, because if Ward is to continue with this cash cow it is a necessary evil. The original brothers are all mated and there’s no reason to go back to their story. The problem with this book, however, is that all those side stories are now the main story. Blay and Qhuinn, who are supposed to be the main focus, took a serious back seat in their own story.

Most of the time while reading this book I felt like I was reading a cut up anthology. Every chapter was a different viewpoint of a different story. Let’s see… we have Assail, Sola, Trez, iAm, Xcor, Layla, a brief Wrath perspective, a brief Saxton perspective, 2 brief Lesser perspectives and then Qhuinn and Blay. That’s 12 perspectives and I might actually be missing the kitchen sink because it’s been a few weeks since I’ve read this book. While all these stories do make one big story set in the Black Dagger World, as a reader it was a tad exhausting and frustrating trying to keep up and piece all the happenings together. For nothing, because in the end Ward left all kinds of loose ends dangling at the end of this book, which means she might continue on with this piece mail way of story telling. Blech!

While I did enjoy being back in the BDB world and enjoyed this book for the brain candy entertainment that it is I felt sort of disappointed. The Qhuinn and Blay storyline was mediocre. While I loved their chemistry together and I loved the progress each of them made towards the end it felt like Ward rushed their character changes. I was also disappointed that Blay wasn’t part of the cover like the other mates. Supposedly, Ward said this story was more about Qhuinn, but I have to disagree. Blay had to make some changes too and had issues he needed to come to grips with. This was his story as much as it was Qhuinn’s. I really wish Ward would’ve have spent less time putting in whacky rescue scenes and focused more on the couple this book was supposed to be about.