Imzadi - Peter David Starlequins are not my usual reading fare. I tend to stay away from science-fiction. I don’t know why, but since childhood I’ve always had a mental block against sci-fi. The horrible covers and the intergalactic space names cause a severe mental block. But, as I’ve matured as a reader I’ve come to realize that I’m missing out and I’ve been working to rectify that. Become more open minded in my reading choices and all that. So in short, while I’m not a Star Trek fan and I’ve never even seen an episode (please, don’t point your phasers at me!) I decided to give this book a chance when someone picked it as a group read.

As you can tell from the description this book mixes sci-fi with romance. I liked that this book wasn't sappy. There were some romantic scenes, but it was a nice mix of romance, comedy (which surprised me), mystery and action. There was also a good storyline that involved the Deanna and Riker relationship. I won’t go into spoilers, but there is a good reason for the relationship to exist besides them being in love. Overall, I found this to be a nice mix and really enjoyed it.

I will say that since I’ve never seen an episode of Star Trek there was one scene I found a little puzzling. I knew there was more to the scene than what was stated in the book. The answer wasn’t pertinent to the story, but it was nice to know the background story to the scene. However, if you just ask your local Trekkie to inform you, you’ll be okay. :)