Twice Tempted - Jeaniene Frost I really do love Jeaniene Frost and the Night Huntress series she has created, but the Night Huntress World series has left a lot to be desired. Mainly, it’s because the side characters (Spade, Vlad and Mencheres), who are comedic yet hot end up being piles of mushy man meat in their own novels. Vlad’s series had promise as I noted in my last review. While I didn’t quite like Leila as much as Cat, I thought Vlad was a lovable badass and on par with Bones. That is until he handed his balls over to Leila.


I really don’t know what happened to Vlad in this one. I still don’t get what he sees in Leila. She’s definitely developed into a stronger heroine, but she also became a whiney bitch in the process. “Love me. Give me all of you! Wah, wah, wah!” Bitch, please. It’s been like less than 4 months of togetherness. Why would you expect him to put a ring on it? Especially, with all the ensuing drama that wasn’t completely solved in the last book and with all the crap that happened in his past. Ugh, then her gold digging Jersey Shore sister. I’m surprised Vlad can stand the lot of them. My Vlad, the original Night Huntress Vlad, would’ve hightailed it out of the situation eons ago.

Which brings me to this pansy ass Vlad Frost presents to us in this sequel.

The original Vlad was a hardcore, sarcastic, badass, taken no prisoners, fuckyouverymuch, arrogant bastard. That’s what made Vlad who he was! The Vlad in this sequel is not even a shadow of the original Vlad. Yes, he has a dungeon and still appreciates a good torture, but what happened to the sarcasm and the hardcore arrogance? This is what made Vlad funny. His comedic one line zingers that put people in their place. That was sooo missing in his book. This book was all about Leila, her whining and need to prove herself and putting the ole’ ball and chains on Vlad. *rolls eyes*

I also have to mention that the plot line for this book was so freaking predictable. We still know a certain villain is out there, so it’s not hard to put two and two together. Frost, please give your fans a bit more credit! The only thing that surprised me a bit was some of the betrayals and what surprised me a lot was that it took so fucking long for Vlad and Leila to figure shit out. The highlight of this book for me was a Cat and Bones cameo.

I’ll probably read the next one because Frost is supposed to end at 3 and I still hold high hopes that Leila will hand back Vlad his balls, so he can go back to his original personality and I can go back to swooning over him.