The Mysterious Howling - Jon Klassen, Maryrose Wood I downloaded this audio for free courtesy of YA Sync’s Summer Program. I really wouldn’t have come across it otherwise, since these books are in the juvenile section of the library. A section that I don’t frequent unless I’m looking for something in particular, because I’m ashamed to admit that I consider it the “baby” section of the library. Shame on me, because I discovered that while looking for the second book in this series there was a whole YA section I was missing out on. Not only that, but this series is pretty good!

The Incorrigibles are a funny lot. Alexander, Beowulf and Cassiopeia have a strange and mysterious canine background. No one knows exactly where these children came from or who to they belong too, but it’s Miss Lumley or Lumawoo, as she is called by the children, to mold them into proper, educated children. Of course, hijinks will result from Lumawoo’s efforts. Surprisingly enough, the children are quick learners, but they still have plenty of quirks that get them into trouble. The children are rather endearing though and I couldn’t help but fall in love with them.

I also really liked Miss Lumley. She is only 15 years old and recently graduated the Swanburn Academy for Poor Bright Females. For 15 years old, she takes herself, her charges and her job rather seriously, but there are times when her youth comes out and it’s a joy to see.

I was a tad annoyed that the mystery part of the book wasn’t any closer to getting solved by the end. I suppose the author is using it as a tactic to get kids reading, which I’m not opposed too since I enjoyed this first one and have already read the second one. But still, I would’ve liked to see us getting closer to a resolution instead of more mystery attached to the end.

The audio was read by Katherine Kellgren. I thought she did a good job with the voices. At times it was a bit melodramatic and pitchy for me, but overall it was a fun audio.

So overall, this was a fun read. I think both children and adults will like this series.