The Raven Boys - Maggie Stiefvater 1 ½ Stars

Okay, I know I’m in the minority with the ratings on this book. It may have been the narrator or it could’ve been just been the story, but I found it boring for the most part. The audio is read by Will Patton. The best way I can describe his voice is sleepy. Perfect for meditation maybe, but not for audiobooks. I don’t know if Will’s soothing voice was chosen because this story is sleepy in itself. It’s a meandering; mysterious journey through Henrietta, Georgia with touches of magic realism and a tad too much wtfuckery going on for me. Down South is known for a slower pace of life and this story definitely reflects that. The action doesn’t pick up until maybe 75% of the story, but by then I was just ready for it to end.

I think Stiefvater was going for a character based book, but the problem for me was that there were too many characters to focus on. There are the Raven Boys, which consists of 4 boys each with their own set of problems and then Blue’s crew of mom and 3 of her psychic friends. Add to that a villain and some side characters. *mind explodes* There were times, when I had to rewind just to figure out who was talking. Plus, I can’t say I felt any attachment to any of the characters. They felt distant and not relatable. I can’t put my finger on why I felt that way though. I think part of it was the dialogue. It felt unrealistic. But, I also think it may have been a case of too much mystery surrounding the characters and not enough substance.

I thought the story had potential, which is why I’m going with 2 stars. Some of the characters were interesting, like Adam and Ronan. Unfortunately, two of the main characters, Blue and Gansey, I didn’t care for. I also didn’t care for the possible love triangle or whatever the hell is supposed to be going on between Blue, Adam and Gansey. It reeks of oncoming lameness to me. I say oncoming because nothing is defined in this book. Which brings me to another point…

The “revelations”. They were somewhat lame and even a little anticlimactic. During one major revelation about one of the boys I thought “Who is he again?” Shortly after that I predicted his story and sure enough, I was right for the most part.

This story was weird. Some plot points reek of mystery, but then others have so much heavy foreshadowing you can pretty much figure out where it’s going to go. In between all that there is some what I like to call WTFuckery thrown in, which I guess is there to keep readers on their toes.

Anyway, I didn’t really care for this. I found myself getting impatient for things to happen and when they did it felt like “that’s it?” or at times, “wtf?” The end was a jumble of wtfuckery. But sadly, by then I was just glad to have finished.

I know I sound like a masochist listening to a sleepy audio/story on a long commute, but I had no back up on my iPod and I thought it was going to get better. It did have a promising start, at least. I got this as a free audio through YA Sync’s Summer Program. Next time I’ll listen to the sample before downloading AND have a back up on my iPod. Lesson learned!