Just Like Heaven - Julia Quinn Even though I’ve read quite a few romances, I believe this is my first novel by Julia Quinn. I quite liked this one. It’s a very simple, light, comedic romance. Sometimes that is all I need as a reading palate cleanser.

Marcus and Honoria had fun chemistry. Being that Marcus was friends with Honoria’s brother for much of her childhood there was already a past history there. Their relationship progressed at a natural pace and it never seemed forced to me. Honoria was a very funny heroine and I really did admire her love for her family. Also, I really liked that the story was about the two main characters only. No love triangles or complicated relationship problems in this one. That’s quite a refreshing change these days in the romance genre.

From what I can tell Smythe-Smith series is a spin-off of sorts from the Bridgerton series. There were some references thrown in about the Bridgerton series, but I didn’t feel like I missed much by not having read that series first. Before I continue on with this series though I would like to read the Bridgerton series. As for the Smythe-Smiths they seem like a fun lot and I would definitely continue on with this series.