The Enchanted April - Elizabeth von Arnim This turned out to be a really charming and witty book. It was a nice surprise because I thought it might be on the dull side when I first looked at it, but someone recommended it to me so I gave it a go. Just one of the beauties of being a GR user. :)

This book is just one big tub of happy. It’s about four very different women, each miserable in their own way and in much need of an escape. They end up sharing an Italian villa in San Salvatore for an entire month. Other than the adventure of getting to the villa this isn’t a book with action rather von Arnim keenly focuses on character development. During this gorgeous month in Italy the women do a lot of introspection which leads to a lot of transformation by the end of the book. There’s some socializing, but as readers we’re mostly in the headspace of each of these women. It sounds dull, right? But trust me it’s not.

Elizabeth von Arnim is a gifted writer. She manages to gives these women distinct voices with their own story, but is still able to combine their stories to make this beautiful novel. I think that’s an apt descriptive word for this novel…beautiful. The sunshine, wisteria and other descriptions of scenery are absolutely gorgeous. The dialogue and internal monologues of the women were pretty hilarious. I actually found myself laughing, which was surprisingly because like I said before I thought this was going to be on the dry side.

Anyway, Enchanting April is absolutely enchanting and charming. If you can’t go off on your own vacation I highly recommend this one. I can’t wait to see the movie now.