The Exile: An Outlander Graphic Novel - Diana Gabaldon, Hoang Nguyen As a longtime Outlander fan it kills me a little inside to give this graphic novel one star, but it must be done. This was horribly disappointing.

It’s been years since I read the first Outlander and while I remember the basics I don’t remember the details. I thought perhaps the gn would help fill in the blanks, but no. This version of the story is good if you just finished Outlander and want to relive it in a slightly different way. There are many plot points in the story that are simply not explained making the story difficult to follow. For example, the chapter where Geillis and Claire are tried for witchcraft comes out of nowhere in this version and it’s never explained. There is also a new character added to this version. I really don’t understand why Galbaldon added him to the story because he’s just another face to add to the confusion. All the men look alike!

The graphics are very inconsistent…horribly so. While I liked the coloring, the drawings were pretty bad. I mean, I know Jamie was not going to compare to the one in my head, but in the first page or so he looks alright. After that his face changes with the angles. By that I mean he looks completely different. As this story progresses his face deteriorates and by the end he looks like a caricature of the first picture. The men all look the same except with different color plaids. This really made it difficult to keep up with who was talking. I actually compared a few frames between Kenneth and Murtagh and it’s actually the same face with different plaid on. Also, Jenny (Jamie's sister) looks exactly like Claire...big boobs and all. Sheer laziness on the artist part.

Claire for the most part stays consistent- HUGE gazungas with poodle hair that is supposed to be curly hair. However, in some frames she has green eyes and in others she has the whiskey colored eyes Galbaldon intended her to have. Claire’s boobs seriously took over some frames. I don’t understand why this was done because this gn is geared towards women and we don’t care about Claire’s heaving bosom. We read this for Jamie. It really annoyed me that in one frame she had a yellow dress with a boat neckline and 5 frames later on the same page she had a V-cut neckline with the top of her boobs hanging out. Again, just really sloppy illustration.

It’s so sloppy that I lost count of the number of disproportionate limbs. This link (NSFW) will take you to an example of what is supposed to pass as a sexy picture, but I couldn't get past the claw/tentacle monster hand that is supposed to pass as Claire's clutching hand:
I mean, seriously LOOK.AT.THAT.“HAND.” Jamie should be running for the hills.
Keep in mind, this is not the same picture that appears in the story. The gn version is cleaned up by placing a blanket over Jamie’s ass, but that awful claw remains the same.

To top it off, even the book description and Galbadon’s foreword is inconsistent. The description says this is “Jamie Fraser’s side of the story”. Yet, in her foreword Galbaldon writes “So the story you’re holding here begins slightly before Outlander, and is essentially the story as told from point of view of Jamie’s godfather, Murtagh.” O_o I mean for FFS, can we get our shit straight here?! Were there no editors involved in the making of this story??? Evidently not.

Anyway, now that I’ve properly ranted I don’t recommend this neither to first time Outlander readers nor long time Outlander readers. This version doesn’t give any background nor portrays the wonderful beginnings of Claire and Jamie’s romance. It also doesn’t add anything to the existing storyline, so if you don’t read it you don’t miss out on anything.