Obsession - Jennifer L. Armentrout Okay, I fully admit that this book sometimes had my inner feminist screaming. I really, really shouldn’t have liked it as much as I did. If I had any shame maybe I would call this book my guilty pleasure. But, eff’ that. I have no shame. I have no guilty pleasures. I won’t make any excuses for what I like. I will wave my Twilight Team Jacob shirt proudly as I stomp around in my 50 Shades of Underwear on full display.

So, now that you have that lovely image in your head…

I liked this book...even though I shouldn't have. Hunter is as the title suggests obsessive, stalkerish, a jerk at times and was even touchy when he had no permission to touch. The rational women part of my head was offended at times.

Serena isn't the best heroine either. She isn't clutzy like Bella, but she is a Mary Sue. What infuriated me about her was her reaction to her best friend's death. By Serena's reaction you would've thought they were frenemies. She barely acknowledges the loss because she's busy thinking about the hotty alien she's forced to be with. She acknowledges that her life is in danger, but that's about it. Then towards the end it's like "Oh yeah, my bestie is dead and I need to give her justice. Oh and I have no one left because my parents are dead. *sad face*" (O_o)

The relationship...well, it's more like a lust-lationship. There isn't much to base it on. Yes, they're together in a house for awhile but the narrative is mostly internal dialogue from both Hunter's and Serena's perspectives. The character interaction shown is mostly when they're lusting all over each other or on the odd occassion Hunter talks about the Arum side of things. I can't say I really cared for the relationship because I didn't feel like it was properly developed. On the plus side though, the sex scenes were muy, muy caliente.

This brings me to what I did like about the book. The Arum side of things really fascinated me. In the Lux series they're portrayed as the dark shadowed bullies of the universe. But, as the old adage goes there are two sides to every story. I really am enjoying Armentrout's world building. I like the complexity of it. It's no longer about one species being oppressed, but about how everyone can coexist with their differing agendas and it raises the question- do the humans even know what they're getting into? Seems like they have no real clue they're playing with fire.

I also liked that Daimon makes a slight cameo appearance. It definitely makes me excited for Origins. Also, Luc and his sidekick are featured and well, those two were interesting in the last book. I would love to know what Luc's story is.

The bottom line is that Armentrout admitted that she set out to write a book for adults in the Luxen/Arum world and well, she accomplished just that. This book is full of sexiness...although at times the sexiness is of the dark and possesive variety (Twilight Haters won't like this) with some Luxen/Arum world building expansion thrown in. It says in the book description you don't have to read the Lux series, but it's helpful to read to at least book 3 because some things are referenced or expanded on.

Anyway, TLDR version of this review is: I enjoyed this book for the sex scenes entertainment value it provided. :D