Hunted - Kevin Hearne The Iron Druid series has always been an action packed adventure story with plenty of Gods and Goddess about kicking or helping Atticus (depending on what day it is.) This one is no different than the rest, except that there is very little downtime. The problem for me was that I felt like the pacing was on a constant cycle of run, fight, give excessive detail and rinse and repeat.

The excessive detail was the most of the downtime in this book. For example, when Atticus gets caught going to the kitchen by the Manitcore- I felt like this scene went on forever with all the explaining Atticus did. For me there was just too much explanation of the magic being used. Many times I found myself skimming those parts just to get on with the scene.

Other than maybe 3 surprises thrown in, I didn’t feel like a great deal happened besides Atticus being hunted that is. I’m giving the book 3 stars based on entertainment value though. As usual I enjoyed Oberon’s humor and I’m very much enjoying Granuaile’s badassery. I’m really excited to see what becomes of Oberon and Granuaile in the next book.